What are My Tags?

6 May 2009
If you're wondering what each tag on this blog stands for, or simply looking for a different way of browsing things then this post is for you. It will guide you through what the tags are, what you can find under each of them and where to find it!

Classic: These posts are about the "Golden Age" of woodcraft. From Nessmuk through Kephart and Baden Powell all the way up to Ellsworth Jaeger. This is the era of canvas, leather and carbon steel when there were still relatively untamed wildernesses to explore and not a lot of rules or regulations about doing so. Essentially this epoch runs from around 1850 to 1950.
Posts in this category will include suitable resources and kit, using techniques described in the books and the more traditional elements of woodcraft. There will also be a few historical articles.

Survival: This is a section which will be focused on the basics of staying alive, in the short term, in the wilds. Look for modern techniques and ultra modern kit here as well as the ubiquitous survival kit. There will be a combination of my thoughts and opinions as well as links to important articles and reviews.

Primitive: From Archaeology to anthropology to modern primitive skills it will all appear under this heading. I shan't restrict it strictly to stone tools as I expect to come all the way up to the iron age. I'll be looking to mix my own re-creations with background information and useful articles that I come across. As far as historical periods go the two which I'll probably be focusing on most are the Mesolithic, the apogee of hunter gather life in Britain, and the bronze age. The bronze age is a period which has interested me for years and Otzi the iceman gives us a remarkable snapshot into bushcraft from this time.

Review: A rather simple heading where I'll include reviews of kit, books and websites. If it is something you can buy, borrow or download then it'll most likely end up here. As I'm a bit of a bibliophile expect a good few books in here. I am currently trying to cut down on my knife addiction.

Link: If I come across a good website, or I'd like to introduce you to one of the websites, networks or blogs I follow, then it'll come under this heading. I shall be working through the blogs I enjoy to recommend them and drum up some readers here.

Update: This is a kind of catch-all heading. My previous blog went through three or four incarnations and colour schemes whilst it was in use so anything like that will be mentioned here. If I'm going to be away for a bit, can't post for a while, or have added some new function or widget then it will fall under this heading.

Observation: I noticed that a large number of posts made were about the weather but I'm looking to get into posting more about astronomy too. These observations about the natural world will be in this section, along with any animals or tracks that I have seen.

Virtual Cabin: Whilst I can't afford the log cabin homestead I'd love I can still have a virtual one. This section will contain any information I wish to post about cabins, traditional homesteading skills, preparedness and food. I've not posted a huge amount on this topic before but it is something which greatly interests me and I hope to be more prolific in this area in future.

Tutorial: One thing sadly lacking from my blogging is good, step by step, tutorials and instructions as to how to make something. This is a situation I hope to rectify on Woodcrafter's Log and all posts of this type shall come under this heading

Outing: If I've been to the woods this is where you'll read about it. Be it a weekend course, a trip away or a quick walk it'll all come under this heading.

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