The "British" Museum

13 July 2009
On Saturday my Wife and I went to the British Museum in London. I was really looking forward to seeing some of their prehistoric collection after watching Ray Mears episode on stone age Britain several times.
Does Britain Have any History?
The museum itself is huge and divided into sections based upon geographic region. Within each sections rooms are either themed or put in chronological order. It is here where the first issue I have arises - the museum has a massive collection of indigenous items yet 90+% of the space is devoted to items from around the world. Egyptian and classical artefacts take up the largest space including such items as the Rosetta Stone. Aside from the political wrangles over certain high-profile items it is simply dissappointing that so little effort and space is devoted to the history and archaelology of Britain. It would be better named "The World Museum in Britain."

The British items and in a gallery for European objects from the dawn of time to the present. Only one room seemed to be focussed on the stone ages and it was badly presented and minimal. 95% of the human history of Britain in one disorganised room.

There were other exhibits of bushcraft interest including those on the native Americans and their tools and clothing, however, much of this exhibit was temporarily closed.

Only The Shiny

The museum also suffers from a magpie like tendency to chow only shiny objects. Instead of trying to give an impression of how our ancestors lived they try to dazzle you with hoards and gold of "possibly ritual" significance.

Not Worth A Visit

If you're interested in prehistory, the lives of our forebears or exhibits related to bushcraft then I seriously recommend avoiding the British museum. Sad to say but it isn't what it should be and was a massive dissapointment.
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