Brambles and Bread

11 September 2009
Last Saturday we had a family walk towards Holywell and stopped along the way to pick up some berries. We got a good number of blackberries although there were others out and about looking for them, the berries went nicely after tea on Monday.
There were tons of elder berries in their huge umbrella like stalks about and easy to collect as well as a few sparse hops flowers. We saw lots of chub in the river and also picked up some crab apples closer to home. All in all it was an enjoyable walk. There was also a sloe tree which was fairly heavily laden, promise of sloe gin later on in the autumn.
Earlier on Monday I'd had a go at making bread using the recipe in the River cottage Bread handbook (pic courtesy of which my wife gave me as an anniversary present. It wasn't too hard following the instructions as it goes into the technique fairly thoroughly. I've got some better, stronger, flour which should help the second batch. The bread was nice, moist but a little dense as it didn't "spring" much when it went into the oven. I also need to be more through when forming the bread shapes before baking. I do recommend the book if you want a beginners baking book.
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