Burst of Bug Activity

3 October 2010
The start of autumn is always a great time to be out wandering around. There are conkers and acorns to collect, the greenery starts to die back revealing a bit more of the woods and the temperatures are more conducive to walking - added to which there's the fun of mushroom hunting.

The Night Before
One of the things which always surprises me is how insects adapt to the change in temperature. There was a fair bit of activity out and about and we saw some bees, butterflies and even a caterpillar. The autumn sunshine gave me some good opportunities for photos. I always think the late frenzy of insect activity in the autumn is similar to shoppers on the 24th of December, a frenzy of action just before it's all too late.

New Camera
These photos were taken on my new camera, a 10 megapixel Samsung with a 10x zoom. It's let me get some lovely crisp pictures and some of the zoomed in photos. It's a lot easier to take, charge the battery and upload stuff so expect to see a few more photos on here soon!

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