Mystery Tracks Number 1

Following on from yesterday's track pictures and mystery, and the resultant discussion on Twitter, I have had a play with Picasa. What I've done is turned up the "shadow" on various photos and if that didn't work I used the auto-contrast tool. Now the photos look a lot less natural but the tracks should be easier to see.

Single Track
First up there is a zingle track with the animal heading from right to left and a clear tail mark behind. The prints probably contain front and rear feet as this is the common mode of movement for rodents. The footprint is between 10 and 20mm long with the tail extending around another 30mm behind.

 The next two pictures show a series of tracks going from right to left with around 5mm between each pair of tracks. I've had suggestions ranging from squirrel to wood mouse for these prints but with more contrast visible and some sort of scale it should be easier to see what made the tracks. All these guesses indicate we're looking for a rodent of some sort. It's also worth noting that they are also a lot smaller than red squirrel tracks from the same wood which can be seen in the final picture which I took two years ago today.


The squirrel prints are scaled by the SAK next to them which is around 90mm long and on this occasion the squirrel was leaping and there was nearly 2 metres between the prints!


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