Book Sale

I'm interested in selling the following books as I continue my attempt to cut down on the amount of stuff I have. My goal is to be freer and I've read and digested the majority of these books. Rather than having them gather dust or need to be moved back and forth I'm offering them for sale.
All the prices are including postage in Europe, add £2 for other continents. Payment is also only via paypal. If there's something you'd like then just drop me an email at

Braiding and Knotting: Techniques and Projects; Belash £3

Wilderness Survival; Pewtherer and Elbroch £5

After the Ice; Mithen £10

Camping for Boys, H. W. Gibson, £5

The Ax Book, Hood. £13

The Weather Wizard's Cloud Book  £5

Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife shop  £9

Green Woodworking Pattern Book, Tabor  £15

Practical Pole Building  £8

How To Build and Furnish a Log Cabin £6

Latitude Hooks and Azimuth Rings, Fisher £7

Native American Crafts and Skills £2

Mountainman Crafts and Skills £2

Flintknapping, Whittaker £10

Native Art of North America, Feest £3

Craftsmen of Necessity, Williams £14 (not great condition)

Secrets of Eskimo Skin Sewing, Wilder £8 (not great condition)

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills, B. Angier £6

Prehistoric Cooking, J. Wood £9

Celebrating Birch, Wright, £10

Bush Arts, Kochanski £40 (I bought this 2nd hand)

Stone Age Hunters, Clark £2

Building Outdoor Gear, Gilpatrick £40

Bushcraft, National Mountain Safety Council New Zealand £5 (very old, 1960s?)

Keep your eyes open for some bushcraft kit on here in the near future.


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