New Year's Day Walk

As is my personal tradition I went out for a walk on New Year's day - sadly it was rather short as despite a week of +4 degree temperatures there was hard packed ice on all the paths and frozen snow amongst the trees. Rather than falling over I cut things short and was only out for about an hour.Photobucket
I did manage to see what I think was a mouse hole - I've no idea what else is tiny and lives in the leaf litter or just underground. They also leave very fine tracks if you see them in soft snow.Photobucket
There were some very velvety horsehoof type fungus on a dead tree. Photobucket

I also saw a plant in the sunshine that I'm not quite sure of the identity of. Here's a patch of them in sandy soil, and it's an unshaded area which was probably once agricultural, so it's most likely a coloniser plant. The seed heads would back that up. It's probably part of the umbilliferae family, but I don't know which.Photobucket
Next time I'm out I'll try the seed heads as a spark tinder - a bunch of them might work but in my experience seed heads burn through very very fast.Photobucket
The stems were also long, straight and pithy - maybe worth a play as a hand drill shaft? Next time out I'll investigate more thoroughly. If any of you can identify the plant I'd be very grateful.Photobucket
(sorry the last one's blurry - I ran out of hands!)


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