Fibonacci Sequence of Survival Tools

There's a universe of zeros. Then, a mutation, a quirk, a digit. One.
From one, the complexity expands rapidly and almost incredibly.

First Tools
Imagine the first tools, a found stick or stone. These are our "1". With them we can make another tool; stone hits stone leaving a sharp edge. This gives us a level 2 tool. 

To use our level 2 tool, our sharp edge, lets us interact with another object - a branch for example - to make a digging stick or throwing stick. In turn, this is logically our third level.

When you think of assembling a bow drill, think of all the levels. Processing cordage, whittling the drill and notch. You're making tools to make tools to make tools. The level or complexity is growing infinitely and exponentially. 

Complexity Comes Quickly
To bring us to the industrial age requires so many levels of complexity and layers withing layers it becomes truly mind boggling. Ores need to be found, mined, charcoals produced and refined, metals forged, each process coming at the end of a huge interdependent chain.    

How does this affect us? When it comes to survival, an essential skill is being able to start at level one. It is in fact, the essential skill. Remember, that all human technology evolved from the same basic level, that same found tool. The study of how to use found items, and combine them into more useful and complex items is at the heart of understanding human cultural development and true survival. Freedom is one reason we study these skills, another reason is connection to our mutual ancestors. Starting with that one tool, that single item in a forest of nothing puts us back in control.

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